Trip Reports

January 31, 2014

I’ve been down in Wayne Co for 3 days now running from my feelings, trundling rocks from this cliff that I’m working to develop. I feel flat and unaccomplished, I struggle staying motivated when I’m working on projects or adventuring by myself, it is harder work than I thought to clean up routes to make them safe and climbable. It’s overwhelming wondering if anyone will ever climb and appreciate the work I’ve put in. I do believe it’s a labor of love and it’s exciting to me. I hiked and skied Mt. Ellen this morning, what an awesome experience it was to be up high on a peak with skis on my feet watching the sun sweep over the canyons of the Colorado Plateau, not to mention the opportunity to accomplish something I’ve wanted to do since the first time I saw the peak. After skiing I was able to put up another route, I haven’t climbed it yet but I think that it’ll be a fun and easy 5.10 and hopefully I’ll be able to put up one more tomorrow before I have to go back up to Salt Lake City. Back to town to work a shit job in order to buy food or gas or bolts or gear and fill my time before I can come back down and do it all over again, however I will be able to go to the center of my social universe, the rock gym, in order to spray people down about these routes that they will never go climb and if they did I’m sure they would hate. In order to summarize the trip drove down in a snowstorm, put up 3 moderate rock routes, skied 2000 vertical feet, drank 8 liters of coffee, got hit in the head with a rock, and watched the sunrise over canyon country. I LIVE A CHARMED LIFE!

Colin Smith

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