I love the holidays, it isn’t my absolute favorite time of year however I do love it. I love everything about it: the food, the quality time with love ones, the time off of work, the movies, and of course the gifts. I get the impression that it’s not cool to be honest about liking the presents, I meet all sorts of people that when I ask them if they are excited about the holiday they respond “no, I don’t like how commercial it is.” Which is fair there is a lot of waste when it comes to Christmas and there is a culture of exorbitant spending that does bother me, I hate waste, we buy paper that is supposed to be ripped off and thrown away. Ridiculous. That being said the joy I experienced when Amy opened her puffy jacket this morning and started crying was unbelievable. The Joy that I feel when I get her something that she needs in the exact size and color that she wants; to buy here something that she is so excited about that it makes her cry. It’s magic. I would spend all the money in the world to make that woman happy and I get to every year on Christmas!

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