We’ve been in Colorado for about a week now and we’ve been staying in either the Frisco Walmart parking lot or the Edwards rest area; the Avon Walmart is too nice to have dirtbags living there. It has snowed about fifteen inches over all, and it’s been fucking cold. Dirtbagging in the winter has always been hard for me: the cold, the snow, and all the urban camping is what has bummed me out in the past. Everything takes longer is what I’ve noticed. Get out of your sleeping bag, turn on the truck, start boiling water, make coffee, wake up Amy, use the bathroom, drive to skiing, put on ski clothes, go ski, and then wait for a bunch of gapers to get out of your way.

That’s a lot to do before skiing. Whereas when we’re camping in the boulders or at a campground it just seems to flow better also we’re usually not waking up with six inches of snow on our truck. Also, what’s the deal with Vail the place doesn’t hold crowds very well, the terrain was pretty plain jane, and they have the audacity to charge $50 for parking and $189 for a day of skiing. Give me a break.

Amy had some friends coming into town on one of our last days in Colorado. We went out to this hoity toity bar in Edwards. We told them about our trip and how long we’re going to be on the road and that we were living in our truck. These are two surfer dudes from Florida; needless to say, they were surprised. After spending a week in the ski tourism capital of the world I don’t feel envious of the people staying in the lodges. I feel sorry for them because their trips last for days and my trips last for months.

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