Home for the Holidays

Schrrrrr, schrrrrr, schrrrrr, schrrrrr. This is the sound my skis have been making the past couple of weeks; you guessed it, we’re in the Mid-West. We’re home for the holidays and psyched! People hate on the holidays but I love them; Kate McCallister says it best “No, No, No, No-way, this is Christmas, the season of perpetual hope”. Sure, families can rub us the wrong way and it is odd to be connected with people that have no idea why we live the way we do. But I can’t help but love them, there’s something special about spending December and early January with these people. Its more than just nostalgia. It’s the way Christmas is supposed to be: cold, dark, and gray.

I don’t travel often for anything other than climbing. Here there are a couple of chossy cliffs a few hours away and a resort that we can ski all of it in an hour (most of that time spent on the lift). However, I just can’t help loving it! This reminds me of an important time in my life, Christmas vacation. We would get a little more than a week off of school and I would always spend the whole time in northern Michigan with my grandparents, snowboarding every day. I would have a bologna and cheese or a ham and cheese sandwich in my pocket. Crystal Mountain running laps from bell to bell rain, snow sleet or ten below it didn’t matter. I loved it so much. I didn’t know it but I was getting a great introduction into dirtbagging; aint nobody got ten dollars for a hot dog. Learning at twelve years old that buying food at the resort is expensive and if I planned ahead I could save a ton of money. As we all know ninety percent of dirtbagging is cooking. But more than the funny stuff is the fact that I fell in love with the outdoors in this place and I was given opportunities to try things and have experiences.

Being back home for the holidays is so special. I love spending time with these people that nurtured me and influenced my development. People that are excellent examples of brotherly love. I’m so fortunate to have been given such a wonderful family. So, I hope y’all had as good a holiday as I did and you have an incredible new year.

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